I am a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher licensed with the International Yoga Alliance (RYT 500). My Yoga lessons are apt for all levels from beginners to more advanced Yoguis. I offer individual classes and classes of maximum two people per class – this means that my lessons are very personalised and I can focus on the objectives of each student, whether that be beginners or more advanced. The lessons are dynamic, and synchronize movement with breath. I explore with my students slower, more alignment-based asanas (Alignment is the term we use in yoga asana to describe the precise way to do any given pose in order to maximize its benefits and minimize the risk of injury). I also include gentle yoga flows for a well-rounded practice. 

In all sessions there is a sense of progression and transformation, from one posture to the next, breath by breath.

I am also a qualified Breath Coach (Innercamp & IBF Foundation) and incorporate Breathing Excercises in my Sessions – after we do the Yoga Asanas, we practice different Breathing Techniques.

Breathwork helps release mental, physical, and emotional blocks and helps reduce anxiety and stress.

I use this wonderful mix of Yoga, Breathwork and Sound Therapy to allows us to disconnect from our head, reconnect to the body, move stuck energy and emotions, and be an active participant in our own healing.

I am currently running morning, afternoon and evening Yoga and Breath workshops in Horta, Barcelona

When: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays – Morning lessons and Evening lessons

Lesson are 50 minutes each.

Where: In the centre of Horta Barcelona, very near the metro Horta L5

Price: Individual lessons – €65 per month – pack of 4 lessons per month (1 a week)

Sharing a class with one other person – €50 per month – pack of 4 lessons per month (1 a week)

If you would like to reserve your class please send me a whatsapp to organise day and time of your class. Thank you – Namaste

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Yoga Lessons with Clio Byrne

Personalised Yoga Lessons – (max 2 people per group)

Dynamic Yoga and Breathwork workshops Apt for beginners and more advanced Yoguis. You pay by Bank Transfer, Revolut or Bizum.