My Music

I am very excited to be creating an album of healing songs, composed and sang from the soul, for the soul!

Below in the following link you can hear my first single ´´Shine´´ . This song is dedicated to all the women of the world – May Our Essence Shine.

Clio Byrne

The song “Breathe” was created and composed by my Husband Pablo and I. It is a song that holds a special place in our hearts. It emerged from a place of introspection and a desire to explore the complexities of life and the importance of finding moments to simply breathe.You can listen to it on spotify, itunes and youtube. Hope you enjoy it.

Clio and Pablo

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I sing classic hits at weddings, events, bars and restaurants with my duo ´´Clio and Pablo´´ and we also perform at events such as ´´cacao ceremonies´´ with ´´medicine music´´.